BONUS EP: The Turkey Hunt with Rusted Oak Ranch Outfitters in WY

BONUS EP: The Snake in the Camper Story

SURPRISE! Bonus episodes of the podcast officially start this week! In this first one....I tell the story about an epic battle that I had with a snake in our travel trailer over the weekend!! 

EP61: Interview with Philly Ocean from Yächtley Crëw

The Yacht Rock episode is here! Yächtley Crëw lead vocalist Philly Ocean joins me to talk about the band, their EP "Seas The Day," the national "Full Steam Ahead Tour" they're doing this year, and much more! If you dig yacht rock, this is a must listen.

EP60: Interview with Ronnie Platt from Kansas

Ronnie Platt from Kansas joins me on this episode to talk about the band adding more dates to their Another Fork in the Road 50th Anniversary Tour, which now ends in Pittsburgh later this year! We also talked about this year being Ronnie's 10th anniversary with the band, and he shared some great stories about his early days with Kansas.  He also gave us an update on drummer Phil Ehart who suffered from a heart attack earlier this year, and we chatted a little about cars and motorcycles, too!

EP59: Interview with K.K. Downing from KK's Priest

K.K. Downing calls in to chat about all things KK's Priest ahead of their show in Pittsburgh at Stage AE this weekend on St. Patrick's Day!

Season 2 Finale with IATW Founder Steve Monteleone

IATW Founder Steve Monteleone joins us on this episode to help wrap up Season 2! We talk about the Cabin Fever benefit concert that's coming up this weekend on Sunday at Jergels and run through the list of other events happening with the foundation this year, plus much more!

The PACT Act, Burn Pits, and VA Claims with Jason Wylie and Doc Buzz Bryan

Jason Wylie and Doc Buzz Bryan join us on this episode to talk about burn pits, the PACT Act, and VA claims. If you're having issues with a claim you've filed, this is a must listen to episode. Don't give up!

EP58: Interview with Rob Halford from Judas Priest

Rob Halford from Judas Priest joins me via the magic of Zoom for this episode to talk about the band's new album, "Invincible Shield," that's due out next month on March 8th!

EP57: Interview with Bret Michaels (Parti-Gras 2.0)

Bret Michaels calls in to announce the Parti-Gras 2.0 tour, that is set to make a stop at Star Lake on July 13, 2024. We talk in depth about the special guests he has lined up for the show this year, the Puppy Bowl, and more!

Cabin Fever Concert and The Healing Powers of Music with Patrick Jardini

Patrick Jardini from IATW and the Sweetwater Cottage Band joins us on this episode to talk about this year’s Cabin Fever Concert that’s happening at Jergel’s on March 3rd to benefit Army Veteran/Hampton Police Officer Robert Kirsopp and his family as he battles cancer. Tickets available at and more info at

We also talk about the healing power of music, Vet Tix (which is something every veteran should look into), and much more!