Russ Rollins began his radio career in 1993 by purchasing an hour of time on a small AM signal in Orlando. The show was called "Party Talk with Russ and Bo" and was used to promote Russ' party business and hopefully drive up rentals on moon jumpers and dunk tanks. They quickly realized that they got a lot more calls and attention talking about women and beer than they did about what to rent for your child's birthday party.

Today he has taken The Monsters from AM to FM, from 3 part time players to a full time cast of 7 and from one hour of air time to one of the highest rated morning shows in Central Florida and now broadcasting live daily on XM Radio.

"What Russ has done with the Monsters down in Florida has been a nationally recognized success story," says Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine. For the fifth year in a row, the magazine recently named Rollins one of the "Heavy Hundred" in talk radio.

In the end Russ says, "I'm not really about the money. I just want people to say 'You know what? That Russ Rollins, he left his mark on radio.' But don't worry, you can get that off with a little soap and water."

(Nancy Imperiale-Orlando Sentinel)



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