Check Out The ‘What Drives Us’ Trailer Directed By Dave Grohl

The van. When first starting out, most bands pile into a van that pulls a trailer filled with instruments and travel the country to play music. That is what Dave Grohl dives into in his new documentary, "What Drives Us." Fun fact: Dave is actually in the same red van that the Foo Fighters used on their first tour over 25 years ago.

What is most cool to me is that most of the superstar musicians Grohl talks to all have unique memories of the early days of touring. I say "most" b/c Lars Ulrich from Metallica (spoiler alert) said he never toured in a van! Duff McKagen and Slash, Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Kira Roessler from Black Flag and Steven Tyler are just a few who share their stories of life on the road in a van.

Dave said, “This film is my love letter to every musician that has ever jumped in an old van with their friends and left it all behind for the simple reward of playing music." "What Drive Us" hits Amazon Prime at the end of April.

Side note: a friend of mine used to play guitar in Puddle Of Mudd. When they were on their world tour, he told me they stayed at 5-star hotels, had multiple tour buses and lived the rock and roll lifestyle. At the end of the tour, they made no money. He wished they could have gone old school and just toured in a van, taking turns driving and raking in the money made on tour!