$300! Will. I. Am. Innovates With Xupermask

Musical superstar Will.I.Am is now in the high tech face mask business. He just dropped the Xupermask for $300. You get dual fans that include replaceable HEPA filters, built-in Bluetooth ear buds, lights and a microphone.

Hell yes the price is high, BUT let's break this down for a hot second. Will.I.Am made some interesting observations over the past year that led to his partnership with Honeywell. He noticed not only were people wearing masks that didn't fit, but when we were talking on the phone using earbuds, we would pull down our masks. So why not create a mask that gives us the use of a great filtration system that also incorporates active noise canceling Bluetooth earbuds? Add in some lights and make it all work on a 7-hour rechargeable battery? If we have to continue to wear masks after being vaccinated, would you drop $300?