Covid-19 Vaccine App To Determine If People Get Into Concert Venues in NY

When April hits, New York will start getting fans back into concert venues at limited capacity. There is a new app called Excelsior Pass that will give the thumbs up or down to people as they enter the venue. Having this app scanned at the door will provide digital proof of having been vaccinated and/or a negative Covid-19 test.

Yesterday, I wrote about a concert in Barcelona recently where those that wanted to attend would have to pass a rapid Covid test and wear a mask (both included within the $23 ticket). Many of you do not want to see a show this way in the future. I also wonder if an app like Excelsior would also be a turn off? If this is what has to be done to grab a beer and see live music again, isn't it ultimately worth it?

Times change, I don't have to tell anyone what a year it has been living in the era of Covid. All of us have been waiting so damn long to see concerts again. Why not jump through these minimal hoops in order to stay healthy?