5k Fans Attend Barcelona Concert That Doubled As Covid-19 Experiment

We've all been waiting for the return of live music over the past year. Have you ever wondered how in the hell we'd all be able to gather for a show post Covid-19? In an experiment, concert promoters teamed up with health officials in Barcelona and let 5k fans gather for a concert this past weekend.

Prior to Spanish rockers Love of Lesbian took the stage to 5,000 fans, health officials were working to ensure the safety of everyone attending. Days leading up to the show, 3 Covid-19 testing sites were set up around Barcelona for those holding a ticket to the show. Out of the first 2,400 fans tested, only 3 tested positive for Covid-19 (they were not allowed to attend). As everyone got their tests, they were given the results via text. The ticket price to the show was $23 and included the test and a mask.

Here is the final question to which I think I know how you're going to answer, if getting back in front of a stage with a cold beer in your hand meant going through all of these procedures, would you do it? I would totally do this! This is progress friends, progress.