Mad Max: Fury Road Cars And Trucks Are Being Auctioned Online!


Via I LOVED Mad Max: Fury Road! I heard they were working on a follow up, but then that pandemic thing happened. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy were great, but the stars are the cars and trucks they come up with, and now you can own them.

Lloyds Auctioneers is holding an online auction and all vehicles start with a $1 opening bid, although, they'll probably go for a bit more than that. You could be crushing any Prius that gets in your way on Rt. 128 in the "War Rig" that Charlize Theron's character Furiosa was driving. Imagine getting your hands on the "Doof Wagon" with it's bank of amps cranking ZLX! (Flame thrower guitarist strapped to the front is extra)

There are 13 cars in total listed on the auction house’s website, including the Gigahorse, Nux Car, Razor Cola, Pole Car, Sabre Tooth, Fire Car, Caltrop: El Dorado, and Buggy: Ratrod Chev, the Convoy Cars Elvis and Flamer as well as one titled Buick: Heavy Artillery with Hummer Weapon Mount. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

You can spray some chrome in your face and start furiously bidding September 26th at

Click here to see what you could be driving on the highways of Valhalla! Check out these road warriors!!!

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