Broke But Want Some Treats? Try These Food Hacks!

Thanks to some enterprising diners sharing their hacks on TikTok, it turns out that there is so much more you can get out of the McDonald's menu.

Addicted to boba tea, but money is a little tight? Order a sweet tea from Mickey D's and toss in five creamers. Or turn it into a Mc Horchata by adding milk and cinnamon.

The trick to getting the freshest fries is to ask for them without salt. Speaking of, want them buffalo style? Pour ranch dressing and buffalo sauce over the fries inside the bag and shake up.

You could even get a hot chocolate without spending a dollar if you just ask for a few items that are normally handed out for free. Get a cup of hot water, a few creamers, and chocolate sauce. Mix and enjoy.

What fast-food menu hacks can you share?

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