Florida Woman Took a Small Alligator From Her Yoga Pants

Authorities in Charlotte County, Florida said they pulled over 22-year-old Michael Clemmons after he ran a stop sign. Clemmons' passenger was the gator holder.

25-year-old Ariel Machan Le-Quire had hidden the alligator. The two admitted to police that they had been collecting frogs and snakes at an underpass. Ther driver gave the deputy permission to look through the truck. 

41 3-stripe turtles were found. Ironically, they were in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack.

When asked if the couple had any more animals, Ms. Le-Quire pulled the small alligator from her pants. She was sentenced to probation after she pleaded guilty to four charges of illegal wild animal possession. 

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