Is Your Phone Stressing You Out?? Mine Was!

Does it feel like it takes forever to find anything on your phone? Then it may be time to declutter your phone and One Good Thing offers up four steps that will help you gain control of your phone.

The first step is to overhaul your app collection. Simply delete the ones that you never use. After you’ve taken out the app trash you can reorganize your apps to make the most important ones easier to find.

The second step is to clear out those photos by transferring them to your PC. Seriously, don't be keep apps you're never using because you figure "well maybe I will need that down the road" You can ALWAYS get it again. I always photodump onto my PC once a month and label the folders so I can easily find what I may need down the road.

Another great idea to declutter a phone? Turn off push notifications. While it’s important to get those notifications about calls or texts you may not need them for apps like Facebook. It makes me feel overwhelmed and REALLY do you REALLY need to know everytime someone responds to your post or meme????

The fourth most important and probably most ignored step is to manage your screen time. Track how much time you spend in front of your phone's screen. Seeing those numbers might help you make smarter choices about how you use your phone.

Here are a couple of videos that may give you some ideas too!

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