Welcome to the Jungle....the Guns and Roses Concert

This wasn't even a metal show and it got wild. Rule of advice...if you are gonna get too close to the stage...be careful, use common sense. I got beer spit on me one time by a guitarist and caught the flu...things happen.

A lady got hit by a microphone at a Guns and Roses show on accident.

An Adelaide woman was left with blood everywhere after a microphone thrown by Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose hit her in the face.

Rebecca Howe was left with two black eyes and a bust-up nose after the incident which occurred at Adelaide Oval on Tuesday night, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.

Rose threw his microphone into the audience after the band’s last song, Take Me Down To Paradise City, however it made impact with Ms. Howe, and caused her nose to bleed.(New York Post)

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