What? Get A Permanent Tattoo Without Needles?

This concept almost seems so strange to me. Will it catch on? Will this be a new trend?

Scientists have developed a way to get a permanent tattoo without going under the needle and suffering through hours of pain.
The new technology is in the form of a skin patch that has microneedles smaller than grains of sand. While it still has “needle” in the name, these microscopic needles are of no comparison to the ordinary needles one would have to endure and the impact is painless and bloodless.
“While some people are willing to accept the pain and time required for a tattoo, we thought others might prefer a tattoo that is simply pressed onto the skin and does not hurt,” said the principal investigator, professor Mark Prausnitz.

The microneedles can be arranged into different designs, words, symbols — anything at all — to create the ideal custom tattoo. They can even be made to respond to environmental factors including light or temperature changes.(Source: New York Post)

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