Which Part Of the New Music Did Ozzy Improvise

OZZY IS PLAYING THE HALFTIME SHOW OF THE NFL KICKOIFF TONIGHT!! Tomorrow the New album, Patient # is Out! Yes!!!

For those who've heard the "Patient Number 9" title single, there's a lot going on in the intro with what sounds like multiple voices and conversations layered over the opening moments before Ozzy sings, but it was all in fact Ozzy providing the various spoken parts over the course of three improvised takes.

"We had this long intro and Ozzy wrote this incredible song over it, but it was a long intro with no Ozzy so it's a long time to not hear our guy," says Watt. "So he wrote the song about a mental hospital and I just said, 'Can you do some talking over the track,' and he said, 'Ok.' One take, all that crazy sh*t. And then he was like, 'I think I can do one more, it might be cool with two [voices],' so second take. Exactly how you hear it. And then he was like, 'I just want to fill in some gaps and third track, that's the intro. Three in a row, no thinking, that's the intro."(Source Noisecreep)

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