Fall Out Boy Fans Just Realized 'Centuries' Was Band's 100th Song

Fall Out Boy released its wildly-popular song "Centuries" in September 2014 and it was the lead single on the band's sixth album, American Beauty/American Psycho

Despite being released five years ago, a FOB fan on Reddit just made a shocking discovery about the single: it was the 100th song the band released. For those who didn't pay attention in history class, a century is 100 years — making it a super-clever decision to release it as the lead single.

So there are a few parameters that led the fan to figure this out as noted by the Reddit user: "If you search 'fall out boy song [sic] in order of release date' and you dont [sic] count the few covers on the list, centuries is the 100th one since it was the first track in ab/ap. Now this is epic." 

This means live songs and any covers that were recorded for compilation albums do not count while only officially-released covers as well as official collaborations do count. If you want to fact check, Rock Sound listed the complete list of songs and "Centuries" does, in fact, land on the 100th spot of the released song list. 

The band is hopefully working on the followup to 2018's MANIA and it seems like Pete Wentz may be reuniting with his Black Cards bandmate Bebe Rexha after the pair teased a collab earlier this summer. While we we wait for album number eight, it's been revealed lead singer Patrick Stump is writing the soundtrack to a kids-show-turned-horror-movie called The Banana Splits Movie.

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