Billie Joe Armstrong Shares Memories From Some Of Green Day's First Shows

Green Day Play Auckland

Green Day Play Auckland

Billie Joe Armstrong took a trip down memory lane over the weekend, and shared the journey with his Instagram followers. The Green Day frontman began by sharing footage from a show in 1990, when the trio were students at Pinole Valley High School.

"PVHS 1990 . We use to play dry ice at the end of every set.. high school was brutal for me.. and mike shows it at the end!" Armstrong captioned the post. "The next page is an old locker from that 'show'.. also the girls behind us have some serious 'mall bangs'."

He also shared footage from their Lollapalooza set in 1994 (back when recording shows was illegal), when he borrowed a guitar from L7's Suzi Gardner; a clip of Green Day opening for Bad Religion in Toronto, where Armstrong recalls Brett Gurewitz writing a song on his guitar backstage, and and Operation Ivy show in 1988.

Though the rockstar has archived plenty of footage himself, he also urged fans to send him any clips they might have. He plans to continue sharing videos on Instagram and telling short stories about the shows that people might not otherwise know.

Check out Billie Joe Armstrong's nostalgic Instagram posts below.

Photo: Getty Images