Sammy Hagar Credits Rod Stewart With Inspiring Stage Persona

Sammy Hagar credits British rock icon Rod Stewart with inspiring him as a front man. 

The affable ex-Van Halen front man says Stewart's on stage grace was something that captivated him as a young singer. He even applied lessons from Stewart to what he was doing in his pre-Van Halen band Montrose.

"I was really a big fan of Rod's," Hagar said in a recent radio interview (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "He was a great performer, and I dug the way he sang, and he had a great sense of humor with the Faces."

Hagar has always been known for his ability to bring arena audiences together. Even the front man's business empire is built upon his reputation of knowing how to party.

"[The Faces] were the party band," Hagar continued. "He's out there drinking champagne on stage, he's dressing all funny, he's doing silly moves, he's making jokes. he really had a fun show, and that really impressed me."

While Hagar has written off any future shows with Van Halen, he's preparing to release what he says might be the best album of his career with The Circle, a band consisting of Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Vic Johnson and drummer Jason Bonham

The album, Space Between, is a concept album inspired by Hagar's life. It's expected in January. 

"It's about the misconception that money is the root of all evil, because the truth of the matter is, that it isn't money at all," he explained in an interview this past summer with Broward Palm Beach New Times. "You can feed the poor, you can heal the sick, you can make people happy, you can stop a war with money, but it's greed that is the problem ... It's what I discovered by being both rich and poor."

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